Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy is over a 100 year old healing system founded in the roots of Manual Osteopathy. It is a gentle treatment suitable for any age and can be received while seated or lying down. The practitioner is able to work on any tissue in the body (ex. bone, organ, muscle) through a specific quality of touch and intention. This treatment works by assessing the natural biodynamic rhythms of the body. If accidents, falls or any traumas occur to the body these rhythms become unbalanced/weakened. While in treatment a palpable release is felt when strain in the tissues is released. A softening will then be felt followed by the body relaxing into it's natural state of balance/realignment. The aim is to treat the body as a whole where clients may feel the following benefits:

¤ Improved mobility/postural alignment

¤ Physical relief from soreness, headaches etc. for several days

¤ Balanced/centered mentally and physically

¤ Enhanced vitality


$80.00 - $125.00/ 1 Hour Session

$20.00 -$40.00/ Pet Session

Treatments are conducted in your home or at either of the Inner Temple Yoga Studio locations.

Diana was introduced to Craniosacral therapy after a car accident and needed to learn about how this incredible healing modality works after experiencing the life changing results of CST first hand. By 2018 Diana completed 112 in class hours of theory, palpation skills and treatment protocols for studying Craniosacral Therapy and Visceral Manipulation lead by one of the most gifted, long time practitioners in the field. She is constantly amazed, along with her clients, at how effective CST can be!


Reiki Treatments

Clients will be able to facilitate their healing process and relieve stress through this effective Japanese healing modality utilizing pure universal life-force energy. Clients may receive this treatment while lying down comfortably or sitting in a chair. This is a safe and gentle treatment suitable for anyone regardless of age or physical ailment conducted with a "laying on of hands" technique and will not interfere with any existing treatments or medications. There are many benefits to receiving a Reiki treatment, some are listed below:
¤ Reduces stress and anxiety
¤ Provides mental clarity
¤ Brings balance to the neuroendocrine system
¤ Enhances the bodies natural energy flow
¤ Can temporarily alleviate acute/chronic pain
¤ Aids in emotional clearings

$80.00 - $125.00/ 1 Hour Session

$20.00 - $40.00/ Pet Session
Treatments are conducted in your home or at either of the Inner Temple Yoga Studio locations.

Reiki found Diana while co-hosting a yoga retreat in 2012. Her life has evolved spiritually and emotionally faster and more magically than she could have imagined since making Reiki treatments part of her personal health regimen. Diana is fascinated to learn about the tools that really work in her own life so that she can share these great finds for others to benefit from as well. Diana studied Reiki for three years until deciding to become a Reiki Master and is 7th in line in the Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki tradition.


Reiki or Craniosacral Therapy Treatment Booking Time Slots

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