Yoga in Pontypool


"Diana's dedication to my overall health has taught me how to bring movement into the places in my body that were once immobile. Over a year ago nerve damage created partial paralysis in the left side of my body and afterwards I developed a muscle tightness condition known as 'spasticity.' Since undergoing surgery and starting yoga my paralysis is gone and I can now walk without assistance and complete a full yoga practice with confidence. I have better posture, flexibility and  balance than I've ever had. Yoga has given me my life back and I plan on taking yoga for the rest of my life." 


"For years my old injuries have limited my ability to be as active as I would have liked. Because of Diana's vast knowledge of the human body and exceptional teaching ability, my mobility has improved drastically and I'm overall healthier than I've ever been. I'm truly grateful."


"I have witnessed Diana grow into a confident and talented teacher. It has amazed me, that at such a young age, she is so knowledgeable. Her dedication to learning more about health and wellness is evident. She takes classes, studies yoga, and shares information with us and she listens to our comments. She changes her program to match her audience with ease and I enjoy the variety in her classes. Diana has a sweet, caring nature that makes me feel that she is there for me!"


"When practicing yoga with Diana, I was transported to a place of peace and calm. Her instruction guided me through movements that brought awareness to my body and clarity to my mind. My experience with her was wonderful, I wish I could practice yoga with her everyday!"

DJ Nash

"I tried yoga for the first time with Diana and was completely shocked about how much she knew about my own body. How I felt after was an incredible feeling!" 


"I LOVE Diana's yoga classes. I am completely hooked on yoga and have been since I walked into her class 8 months ago. Since joining her class I am stronger, much more flexible and balanced. Diana makes it so comfortable to join, each pose is clearly taught, which makes it easy to learn. She will teach you to challenge yourself and reach new yoga heights. There is nothing better than leaving a class with a 'yoga glow'." 

Yoga in Courtice


"Diana is by far one of the best yoga teachers I've ever had. I was training in a body building (physique) show last year and without her classes I would have not been at my best. Yoga is amazing for muscles and also for your brain. Competition dieting is insane and without her relaxing, healing guided meditations at the end of the class to reflect, I would have never been able to mentally stay on track. Whether you need to loosen up sore muscle or gain strength or just find YOU, then yoga is definitely the addition to your life you've been seeking!" 

Danna - Student since 2013

"I have often thought about attending a yoga class. The hype around the clothing, the images of people in positions, my age, and lack of flexibility made it virtually impossible and kept me away. However; some friends were taking a class with Diana and asked me to join. I had read how beneficial yoga is so I agreed. It was a great decision. Diana is an awesome teacher to say the least!! She is encouraging and knowledgeable and very in tune with her students and their own abilities. When I leave her class I feel rejuvenated and relaxed. One  day I will be able to do the Eagle Pose without a strap and not tip over, and it will be because of Diana and her calm easy going class of pure enjoyment!" 


"I love my yoga. Yoga has become a big part of my life. With many hip and knee surgeries I was lead to believe that my activities would be some what limited. Through yoga I have learned to prove those beliefs inaccurate. Diana is a wonderful and skillful instructor. She notices the small things and is excited with the progress you make no matter how small or big. I like to think that in my time with her, all the wonderful headstands, handstands, downward dogs and my fav planks are now part of my every day life." 

Sarah - Student since 2013

"Your yoga classes are what keeps me sane at my jobs during the week. I'm always so relaxed and sleep amazing after I am done and feel fantastic the day after, even if I have good hurt from it. So thank you."